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​our products are made from a great range of environmentally sustainable materials.  find out more about our products below!


birch wood cutlery​

our unique wooden cutlery is made from plantation birch, a hardwood that doesn't splinter easily, that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which ensures they are harvested sustainably.​  our biodegradable cutlery is not treated with any chemicals and, in ideal conditions, is completely compostable in 90 days.

birch wood cutlery

dinner forks

dinner spoons

dinner knives

victorian cutlery - set of 3

premium victorian fork

premium victorian spoon

premium victorian knife

mini forks


10cm wooden stirrer

15cm wooden stirrer

mini fork, teaspoon, fork, knife, spoon


paper cutlery sleeves

these classic paper cutlery sleeves are specially designed to complement our wooden cutlery. made from FSC-certified paper, our sleeves are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable! the combination of our cutlery and accessories embodies responsible convenience.  can be purchased empty in bulk (for you to assemble your own configuration of cutlery), or in pre-packed sets.

cutlery sleeve - front view

cutlery sleeve - back view

wooden cutlery in cutlery sleeve

wooden cutlery and cutlery sleeve


sugarcane bagasse tableware

our elegant range of sustainable tableware is made from sugarcane bagasse; which is the name for the sugarcane pulp left over from sugar production. this is usually considered a "waste" product, but by converting it to attractive and functional tableware we have "upcycled" the bagasse material into an environmentally responsible product. the result is great looking tableware that is biodegradable and compostable in as little as 60 days in home composting or even faster in a commercial facility! sturdy and microwave-safe, our beautiful sugarcane tableware range includes a wide range of plates, bowls and containers ideal for both dine-in and takeaway.

6 inch square plate

8 inch square plate

10 inch square plate

5x10 inch rectangular plate

55mL sauce/tasting cup

350mL round bowls

500mL square bowl

500mL square lid

500mL square bowl & lid

500mL round bowl with clear lid

950mL round bowl with clear lid

950mL round bowl with sugarcane lid

800mL rectangular bowl & lid

10 inch square plates

800mL rectangular bowl & lid + 350mL bowl + spoon & fork

sugarcane table.png

wheat straw tableware

our versatile range of natural and sustainable wheat straw tableware is made from an agricultural by-product. we make use of the husk of the wheat plant and upcycle this typically "waste" product into something that's beautiful and functional. the outcome is tableware with a vintage and natural feel that is both biodegradable and compostable. these sturdy plates are waterproof, leak proof and microwavable, being able to withstand temperatures of up to 120C. This makes them perfect for both domestic and commercial uses.

9 inch round wheat straw plate - top view

9 inch round wheat straw plate - bottom view

7 inch round wheat straw plate - top view

7 inch round wheat straw plate - bottom view

7 inch round wheat straw plate with burger and wooden cutlery set

wheat straw table.png

paper straws

these gorgeous drinking straws are made with paper and are fully biodegradable.  they are available in a range of stunning colours that are printed using food safe inks.  they are the perfect compliment to any stylish drink and are a much more responsible choice than plastic straws.

available in 12 popular colours

red stripe & black stripe straws (packs of 100)

solid black straws (pack of 100)

solid white straws (pack of 100)

solid black cocktail straws (pack of 100)

solid white cocktail straws (pack of 100)

individually wrapped solid black straws (pack of 100)

pink stripe straws with custom flags

red stripe and yellow stripe straws in cocktail

straws table.png

coffee cups & accessories

our versatile 100% biodegradable paper cups, which are both FSC and FDA certified, include a plant polymer lining that ensures the cups will stay waterproof for up to 24 hours. suitable for both hot and cold drinks, they are available in a white single wall option, or an insulated cup with an additional rippled outer layer to keep your hands comfortable no matter the temperature of the drink inside. available in 4oz (white cups), 8oz and 12oz, our cups come with matching accessories (lids, sleeves and cup carriers) creating a perfect biodegradable and compostable set ideal for any purpose.

4oz white paper cup

8oz white paper cup

12oz white paper cup

8oz kraft paper cup

12oz kraft paper cup

2-cup drink holder

4-cup drink holder

heat-resistant lid (for 8oz)

heat-resistant lid (for 12oz)

insulated paper sleeve (for 8oz)

insulated paper sleeve (for 12oz)

coffee cups in holder

cups table.png

PLA (corn starch) lined kraft containers

our functional and responsibly convenient takeaway containers are made with recycled Australian paperboard and lined with a waterproofing agent called polylactic acid (PLA), derived from an annually renewable corn-based material. these microwavable and freezer-safe containers come in two forms – boxes and tubs; which are perfect for both hot foods such as soups or cold foods such as ice creams.

takeaway box

360mL kraft container

960mL kraft container

360mL kraft container with lid

960mL kraft container with lid

360mL kraft container, stacked

960mL kraft container lids, stacked

takeaway table.png

200gsm kraft paper bags

these versatile eco-friendly paper bags are perfect for takeaways, picnics, deli products or any type of retail.  made with 200gsm FSC-certified kraft paper, these bags have a cardboard insert of 250gsm at their base to make them super strong.  they come with twisted paper rope handles to make the entire product recyclable.  our bags come in four sizes and are designed to accommodate our takeaway boxes, square bowls and two- or four-cup coffee holders.

small bag

large bag

square base bag

paper bag table.png

biodegradable and compostable

our unique range of elegant cutlery and tableware is all made with plant-based products that are biodegradable and decomposes much faster than starch based products.  our sugarcane tableware only takes 3 months to decompose and our birch wood cutlery takes 6 months to decompose, compared with 9-12 months for starch-based products

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