​have some questions for us? check out the frequently asked questions below!


how much does shipping cost?

our shipping within singapore:

flat rate shipping of $6 for all orders


shipping to the rest of the world:

flat rate shipping of $18 for all orders

for wholesale delivery arrangements please contact us.


how long does shipping take?

standard delivery takes 2-3 working days for you to receive your parcel from the day you ordered. we also have the option of express delivery, which takes 1-2 working days.


i need my order urgently! do you have express shipping?

yes! please contact us to arrange for express shipping.  you are also welcome to collect from our showroom.

how do i know that my order has been placed?

you will receive a confirmation email from us once you’ve successfully placed your order! If you have any further queries about your order, please feel free to contact us.



can i place advance orders?

yes! if you would like to order in advance for delivery on a certain day please contact us to make arrangements.​


what if I am not home when my order is being delivered?

the delivery driver will give you a call if you are not home and will arrange for a time with you for delivery on that day. (please remember to include your contact number in your order so our delivery driver can contact you if necessary)


additionally, when placing your order, under the notes section, you can let us know the best time for you and we will arrange accordingly.


what modes of payment do you accept?

we take credit card, paypal and bank transfer (available within singapore).​  if you would like to pay by bank transfer please contact us for our account information.


we now offer offline payment, where you can skip the delivery fee and pay in cash or cheque and collect your order from our showroom. your order will be ready after 2pm the next business day. if you are not able to collect your orders within 3 business days, do inform us about it! otherwise, the order will be voided. 



do you supply to cafes or corporate clients?

yes! we provide products to the hospitality industry as well as to corporate clients.  if you are interested in wholesale ordering please contact us.


how are eco u products more eco-friendly as compared to other biodegradable disposables?

not only are our sugarcane products biodegradable, they’re made from up-cycled sugarcane, a by-product of sugar production, and are naturally compostable.


other biodegradable disposables such as bio-plastics are made from corn and vegetable oils, therefore are dependent on industrial farming of large fields of crops. they also need to be composted in a specialised facility, otherwise they decompose similarly to normal plastics. 

why are people switching from porcelain tableware to sugarcane tableware?

porcelain ware production requires a lot more resources (e.g. electricity, water, raw materials) as compared to biodegradable products like sugarcane tableware. also, you’ll have to use your porcelain ware multiple times in order to neutralize the effects of production! unlike glass products, porcelain ware can’t be recycled when broken as well.



what is the difference between biodegradable and compostable?

biodegradable products decompose with the help of bacteria and other organisms. they don’t require any chemicals for decomposition so they are less damaging than non biodegradable products (e.g. plastics, styrofoam)


all compostables are also biodegradable, except they take it one step further.


our products are compostable, which means upon decomposition they give back to the earth by providing rich nutrients to the soil. you can toss your tableware into one of your plant pots to give it some extra fertiliser! 


why is wood more eco-friendly?

our cutlery is made from birch wood attained from a Forest Stewardship Council certified plantation, a well-managed resource that contributes positively to the environment. unlike plastic cutlery, it is compostable and has lower emissions if incinerated.

are your products re-usable?

our products are disposable and not intended for re-use.


why does my cutlery have differences in colour and tone?

wood is a natural product, so there will be variations in colour as well as markings in the grain that make each piece of cutlery unique.


what is the shelf-life of your products?

the shelf-life of our products is 18 months. we recommend you keep our products indoors, in a cool and dry place. 


where can i see your products?

come visit us in our showroom!  we are located at:


1001 Jalan Bukit Merah #04-12 

Singapore 159455



Monday - Friday by appointment



can you tell me more about your products?

sure! you can find out more about our biodegradable cutlery and tableware on the products page.

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